Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sugar From Sugar Street

Posted by Tom Pearson
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From all of our research for the work we did in Hong Kong, the one thing we did not know before arriving was that "Tong Chong" literally translates as "sugar cube." So, our piece was "Strangers on Sugar Cube Street." It was a nice affirmation of our choices for a sugary color palette, and a gesture vocabulary and comedic references to sugar--and audiences in Hong Kong responded strongly to this, recognizing our connection to the site's history as part of the TaiKoo sugar industry.

Below are three video clips, representing the whole of the work, from be patient while content loads):

This completes or series of blog entries for this project. We will begin another series soon. Meanwhile, keep up-to-date on our activities at our official, and thanks for reading and sharing this experience with us.