Friday, January 30, 2009

Month-long Site-specific Engagement at WFC

posted by Tom Pearson

Zach and I, along with Marissa Nielsen-Pincus and Tara O'Con are preparing to embark upon a grand experiment in site-specific encounters with a month-long engagement at the World Financial Center Winter Garden. We are preparing daily "offerings" to the denizens of the site (but we welcome other audiences to come down and have fun with us too), to see what a sustained engagement with a population in their daily transitional space will produce.

I am posting info on the show below, and we will soon be posting entries on our process and performances. We will share some of our initial thoughts, observations, and expectations in a few subsequent entries, and then really begin sharing the day-to-day happenings in February. So, stay tuned. Subscribe to our blog, and share in this experience with us.

Come see us at the WFC Winter Garden all of February!

arts>World Financial Center presents
Undercurrents & Exchange
by Zach Morris & Tom Pearson

A new 5-10 min dance every workday in February at 1pm!

February 2-27, 2009; Weekdays, 1:00-1:10pm
at the World Financial Center Winter Garden

"dance segments that are touching and deep"
The New Yorker

All Free, All Fun, All Heated
in the World Financial Center Winter Garden!

Undercurrents & Exchange by Zach Morris & Tom Pearson
also featuring choreography by Marissa Nielsen-Pincus and Tara O'Con

with art installations by Zach Morris

Performed by Morris, Pearson, Nielsen Pincus, and O'Con with Donna Ahmadi, Kris Bauman, Elizabeth Carena, Mayuna Shimizu, and other surprise guests.

Undercurrents & Exchange is a month-long engagement with the employees and visitors of the World Financial Center. During February, artists will present a new dance every workday during the lunch hour, unearthing the hidden, interpersonal undercurrents of our daily routines. Each short dance will be a world unto itself but also accumulate meaning over the course of the month as the performances reveal the often veiled, but perpetually possible connections within the transitional spaces of the Winter Garden. Coupled with the performances are three art installations in displays located throughout the WFC that further explore hidden and improbable pairings.

A press release as well as further information, available at:

Starting in Febuary, daily video clips, schedules, photos and updates will be available on our home page, so if you can't make the performances, please join us online:

Undercurrents & Exchange is presented by arts>World Financial Center and has been made possible, in part, by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council with the generous support of The September 11th Fund and by Third Rail Projects with support from individual and institutional donors.

arts>World Financial Center is sponsored by American Express, Battery Park City Authority, Brookfield Properties and Merrill Lynch.

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