Friday, October 30, 2009

We're Open!!!!!!!

Elizabeth Carena; photo by Darla Winn

So...The Steampunk Haunted House opened on Wednesday and the response has been overwhelmingly positive!!!

After talking to many, many tour groups that have come through, the biggest "complaint" was they wished they could've spent much, much more time to explore and look at all of the detail. People have been raving about it.

Great responses from press too!
If you haven't check out the slideshow on MSNBC

We've already sold out some timeslots for If you wanna come BUY TICKETS NOW!!

And, Finally...Halloween is in ONE DAY! if you are strapped for ideas/and or need a costume, bounce over to Halloween Adventure/NY Costumes (the nice folks who sponsored the haunted house and helped it be what it is) Amazing selection...and even some steampunky goodness! Check 'em out!

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