Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hello Hong Kong

So Hong Kong is different than Tucson. Just to clear that up.
I’ve just arrived after a 15 hour flight from Tucson, AZ where I and my co-choreographer, Tara O’Con were working on a fantastic new play by Dawn C. Sellers entitled Frozen Heart. Tara and I spent two weeks in Tucson working rigorously with our collaborators to get the show performance-ready. It was a fast and dizzying process… and because of the long-distance collaboration… we had worked for less than 12 days with our fellow cast members.
But even after that whirlwind, Hong Kong still has me reeling. It’s the seamless integration of the familiar and the foreign, I think, that really jostles your perception.
And it’s all coming at you very, very fast.
And it’s coming at you on the wrong side of the street, no less.
I love Hong Kong. Perhaps for these very reasons. I’m reminded of our first trip here in 2007, when our group all marveled at how at home we felt. Hong Kong has a very similar vibe to New York in some ways…and yet simultaneously feels mind-bendingly different.
In any case, coming from the warm calm of Tucson, I’m out of practice operating in a city. And certainly, way out of practice dealing with this one. I’m looking forward to hitting my stride once I settle in, shower, and figure out how this Octopus Card works again…

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