Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Note from the Documentarian

Photo of Last Year's Production (Darla Winn, 2009)

Last year, on October 28th, I found myself warily entering a dark historic theater downtown. Inside, I navigated narrow hallways with work lanterns hanging crookedly overhead. I entered a hazy theater full of ghosts in Victorian attire. I peered into glass cases that had living mannequins trapped inside. I passed an accordion player who seemed to be utterly lost in time. I encountered a huge half-woman/half-spider with beckoning metal legs. This was the eerily beautiful world of the Steampunk Haunted House, created by the talented artists at Third Rail Projects.

Photos by Darla Winn, 2009

2009 was the first year of the Steampunk Haunted House, a disturbingly immersive experience that combined the terrifying with the sublime, living flesh with machines, Halloween with art. This totally unique experience did not go unnoticed by the press. NBC New York called it "visually stunning," and the Village Voice urged people not to miss it. Bloggers (like Devon Petley and La Carmina) also raved about the house, even months after it closed for the season.

This October, the Steampunk Haunted House returns.

This Year's Promotional Photo (Chad Heird, 2010)

My name is K.O., and I have the privilege of documenting the evolution of 2010’s production. Over the next few weeks leading up to the production’s run, I will be offering exclusive behind-the-scenes peeks at the venue, the artwork and costumes, and the themes that inspire the 2010 version of the Steampunk Haunted House. As I discover the dark mysteries of this beautiful world, I will report my findings here. Stay tuned …

Photo by Darla Winn, 2009

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