Friday, July 9, 2010

As part of the River To River Festival, Third Rail Projects returns this summer to the World Financial Center

New art installation and free daily performances

"Given the current economy, we imagine that lunchtime down on Wall Street isn't the entertaining, three martini affair it once was. Enter Zach Morris and Tom Pearson of Third Rail Projects..." -Flavorwire

Undercurrents & Exchange
Presented by Arts World Financial Center
and the River To River Festival
July 12 - 16 & July 19 - 23
Daily at 12:00pm-12:10pm
Repeated at 1:00pm-1:10pm

July 23, 7:00pm - 8:00pm:
Evening-length full performance

World Financial Center Winter Garden
220 Vesey Street, NYC
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Undercurrents & Exchange is a rumination on the conundrum of love, infatuation and connection in modern America, manifested in a series of lunch-hour performances. Each day artists present a new dance grappling with improbable relationships and unearthing the hidden, interpersonal undercurrents of our daily routines. These daily dances are episodic and will culminate on July 23 when they are performed together to reveal an underlying web of meaning. Undercurrents & Exchange is created in correspondence with The Drifting Encyclopedia, an art exhibition in the WFC Courtyard Gallery. Created by Tom Pearson & Zach Morris with additional choreography by Jennine Willett, Marissa Nielsen-Pincus, and Tara O'Con. Performed daily by Pearson, Willett, Nielsen-Pincus, O'Con and guest artists.
photo by Chad Heird

The Drifting Encyclopedia

Presented by Arts World Financial Center and the River To River Festival
July 12 - September 3; Monday - Friday, 12:00pm - 4:00pm
World Financial Center Courtyard Gallery, 220 Vesey Street, NYC
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The Drifting Encyclopedia is an assemblage of American oddities, scientific and historical ephemera, questionable accounts and implausible representations thereof. Part Victorian cabinet of curiosities, part roadside attraction, this immersive art installation houses exhibits that echo the themes of unlikely connections and contemplates the actual, illusory and anomalous nature of love. The Drifting Encyclopedia is created in correspondence to Undercurrents & Exchange, a series of performances in the WFC Winter Garden. Created by Zach Morris in collaboration with Elizabeth Carena, Tom Pearson, and Kryssy Wright.
photo by Will Femia
Undercurrents & Exchange and The Drifting Encyclopedia are presented by Arts World Financial Center and made possible, in part, by the River To River Festival, and made possible, in part, by Materials for the Arts/New York City Department of Cultural Affairs/Department of Sanitation, The Lucky Star Foundation, and by Third Rail Projects with support from individual and institutional donors.
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ChrisC said...

Can't wait to see both the installation and the performance! Third Rail takes over WFC!