Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We're Open

posted by Tom Pearson

OK, There's quite a bit of blogging to be done. This project has been a massive undertaking, opening a large-scale gallery exhibition (immersive environment/art installation, a mini-museum in fact) in tandem with daily dance performances, the latter of which runs for two weeks with a new dance each day (performed twice). See show and exhibit info at The ephemera from the dances lives within the context of the installation, or better, the installation ephemera finds its way into the dance. It's all very cross-referential, multi-layered, and complex.
The results thus far have been overwhelmingly positive, and I feel like the audiences within the Winter Garden are enchanted. We have their rapt attention in way that feels more focused than last year. Spectacle in public space does that. In fact, with that in mind, and knowing the challenges of the space, we made the costumes this year to also be more overtly site-specific. Early on I had a vision for staircases dresses and palm parasols... basically to wear the winter garden. The brilliant Karen Young and I collaborated to bring these to fruition, locking ourselves in the World Financial Center's Courtyard Gallery of July 4th weekend, and working non-stop since. As you can see from above, they are a bit Bauhaus meets Gone with the Wind, which somehow seems just right! They make their debut in the Winter Garden today at Noon!

And... the videos of the daily dances are coming. Watch out.

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